Gilfeather’s Holiday Menu 2023

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Mini lump crab cakes w/lemon-caper-dill sauce $24/dozen

Maple glazed sea scallops wrapped in applewood smoked bacon (market price)

Jumbo poached shrimp w/spicy cocktail sauce $24/dozen

Lamb Chop “lollipops” w/Sitka spiced balsamic glaze (market price)

Spanikopita $15/dozen

Veggie springrolls w/ sesame-ginger dipping sauce $24 dozen

Cocktail meatballs (balsamic glaze, smoked apple bbq, sweet chili glaze) $32 qt

Beef tenderloin w/sweet onion marmalade & Dijon cream on crostini $36/dozen

Mushrooms stuffed w/veggies and parmesan or sausage and mozzarella $16 lb

Baked brie w/apples and walnuts in pastry $42. (serves 10-12)

Smoked salmon platter w/red onions, capers, tomatoes, fresh dill $31.99 lb

Premium charcuterie/cheese/pickled veggie platter (priced by selections…)

Oysters on the half shell w/cocktail & mignonette (market price)

Hummus and veggie platter w/pita chips

Mexican “firecrackers”- crispy tortilla w/chicken salsa & cheese $16 dozen

Chicken satay w/spicy peanut sauce $24/dozen

Beef satay w/chili crisp glaze $32/dozen

Short rib and Roquefort mini hand pies $24/dozen

Coconut chicken skewers $24/dozen

Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and philo with parmesan $2.75 ea


Roasted beef tenderloin w/horseradish cream sauce $54 lb

Carved boneless turkey breast $20 lb

Maple bourbon glazed spiral cut ham $16 lb

Eggplant wrapped baked polenta w/fresh mozzarella and marinara $64 per pan

LASAGNAS: Serves 10-12 guests

Meatball - $64

Roasted veggie - $64

Chicken Parmesan Lasagna - $75

Butternut squash and caramelized onion w/white sauce -$75

MAC N’ CHEESE: Serves 10-12 guests

Classic Cheddar $64

Fresh Maine Lobster Mac and Cheese $95

SIDE DISHES: Serves 12-14 guests

Roasted butternut squash w/sauteed shallots $45 (9 x 13 pan)

Roasted baby red potatoes w/dijon and rosemary $16 qt

Maple and garlic roasted Brussels sprouts $16 qt

Cheddar Yukon Gold mashed potatoes $16 qt

Jasmine rice w/sautéed veggies $12 qt

Baguette with garlic and wine butter or maple-sea salt butter $12

Salads by request


Apple $28, Maple Cream $35, Pecan $28, Mixed Berry $28, Peach $28


Quiches: $28 ea.

Fresh muffins: Tri-berry, blueberry, banana-walnut $30/dozen

Scones $30/dozen

Fresh fruit salad by request

Gilfeathers welcomes special orders-
If you would like an item that’s not listed, please ask!

** Prices and availability subject to change **

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